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Listen Little Man

Their phantom-like effects blend in soft to heavy – experimenting in musical landscapes, songs full of color, texture and range of emotion. The vocals sweep from whimsical to agro…articulated tempo changes, rippling reverb, static heart-rhythmic bass lines splattering along like tiny, leaping insects. Sounds whip through like cool wind through a drafty house. The experience is endlessly enticing…They are versatile, intense, grooving and calculated. They’ve shared stages with the likes of Jane’s Addiction, Captured By Robots and Odeath.   Their new album “Cryptid” will be out on April 1.

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Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival

Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival weaves a rich tapestry of musical genres from all corners of the earth, complimented by live performance artists onstage. A mix of Middle East Afro-funk, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, French Cafe, Americana, Rock, Soul, and Gospel… New album out now “Return Of The Sun”


Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival website


Dr. Scientist

Dr. Scientist’s Volumes of Music

Dr. Scientist generates a variety of collectable vibrations.  These sonic mementos are frequently administered aurally,  and represent a sort of textural-tonal tonic tonic.  Dr. Scientist’s Brainwave Music vol. 1 is now available.  Dr. Scientist’s Environmental Operation (a spacepunktronictriphopera) coming this Earth Day.

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