Four songs from Tighten Up Records on new music playlist featured four songs from 2018 Tighten Up Records Releases.   Check out the playlist below for rock from Listen Little Man, jazz from Madd For Tadd, reggae from Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival, and ambient from Vapid Rumors, plus all of the other new music coming out of the Cleveland area.  There is a lot of good stuff on this playlist.

Listen Little Man on WRUW interview and new release


Listen here to Listen Little Man Guitarist Jeff Hennies’ and Bassist Dylan Tracey’s interview and music from their new record “Cryptid” on WRUW.  The guys talk about making the record, upcoming shows, influences, and more on The Counselor’s Cornucopia of Classic Rock and Curios 

Listen to the archive of the show, first broadcast 4/1/2018

Show Playlist:

  • Grateful Dead
    Ship of Fools (Live At Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA, August 4-5, 1974)
    Dick’s Picks Vol. 31: 8/4/74 & 8/5/74 (Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA) & 8/6/74 (Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ)
  • Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
    Ship of Fools
    Night Moves
  • John Cale
    Ship of Fools
  • John Renbourn, Maggie Boyle, Steve Tilston & Tony Roberts
    Ship of Fools
    John Renbourn’s Ship of Fools
  • Robert Plant
    Ship Of Fools
    Now And Zen
  • The Doors
    Ship of Fools (Live at Madison Square Garden, NY, Sept. 1970)
    The Doors Box Set
  • Scorpions
    Ship of Fools
    Face the Heat
  • Van Der Graff
    Ship Of Fools
    The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome
  • Genesis
    More Fool Me
    Selling England By the Pound
  • The Beatles
    The Fool On the Hill
    Magical Mystery Tour
  • The Mothers of Invention
    How Can I Be Such A Fool
    Greasy Love Songs
  • Ricky Nelson
    Fools Rush In
    Greatest Hits (Remastered 2005)
  • The Rolling Stones
    Fool To Cry
    Black And Blue
  • Listen Little Man
    Issa Josef
    Cryptid – EP
  • Listen Little Man
    Chemical Reaction
    Cryptid – EP
  • Listen Little Man
    Dark Ages of Art-Rock
    Dark Ages of Art-Rock
  • The Uncanny Xela
    Money Sandwiches
    Love Muffin Palooza 2010 Sampler
  • Listen Little Man
    Demon Eyes
    Cryptid – EP
  • Listen Little Man
    My Sun
    Dark Ages of Art-Rock
  • Listen Little Man
    Rabbit Hole
    Cryptid – EP
  • Listen Little Man
    White Power Outage
    Dark Ages of Art-Rock

New! Out Now! Madd For Tadd – “The Magic Continues”

Beautiful, swinging big band recordings of Cleveland’s greatest composer, “The Romantic of the Bop Era”, Tadd Dameron, performed by Madd for Tadd, a project of the East Central Jazz Educators All-Star Big Band. Included in this album are large ensemble recordings of Dameron’s masterwork “The Magic Touch”. This ensemble, a group of educators from leading institutions of jazz instruction, is led by Kent Engelhardt and Stephen Enos. Look for Madd For Tadd on your summer festival schedule!

Listen Now

Show Me The Way

You know, when you are into somebody and the timing is not right. I mean there is attraction and interaction, but getting together, really getting together, gets stopped and when you’re ready the other person isn’t ready and vice versa?
You know when you realize you first have to love yourself to really love someone else?
Well, listen to my man sing about it…

This weeks playlist

Found this great playlist out of Columbus inspired and influenced by the artist Counterfeit Madison.

for more music, stay tuned.

More new music

There is so much good stuff coming out right now. Here are some tracks from some really cool independent artists from Ohio or who are traveling through. I got a weird mix brewing like college radio in the 90s. Check it out.

…and there is more music on the way from…