First Night of the Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival Fall 2017 Tour

“Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival live”

Revivalists in Burlington, Vermont are heading out on this blustery evening to brave the first bite of winter wind, and getting ready to warm it up with Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival at Manhattan Pizza Pub

“Recent Reggae Show at Manhattan Pizza”


More than a place to get great pizza and local beers, the stage at Manhattan Pizza is a cultural incubator.  Back in the day groups like the Prohibition Blues Band played their early shows there.  The vibrant music scene comes out to try new material and get away from the bigger clubs at weekly jam nights.  The place is intimate and can get a little cozy when a band comes in from out of town, so get there early.

To add to the excitement tonight, the new album, “Return of the Sun” is out now and limited edition discs will be available exclusively at these New England shows.  But don’t worry if you are a Revivalist in another part of the world.  The music is available now at Spotify, iTunes, and the Google Play Store.

Listen Now Here Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival “Return Of The Sun” on Spotify


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